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Growing Papaver Somniferum Poppies

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Poppies don’t need to be watered too often Maybe once or twice a week is fine. But when you do water, give it a nice soaking.

This will promote strong root growth. Poppies also like as much sun as possible. Put them in an open field where they will get a lot of sun.

  • Week 6

    Cabbage Stages:

    Up until this point, poppies can seem to be very “slow growing”. Many people worry if their Poppies might be “Stunted” (which DOES happen).
    Papaver-Somniferum Poppy Cabbage Stage
    Papaver Somniferum: Cabbage Stage
    or they may wonder how the heck they will get big enough to grow those Big beautiful Blooms and Pods their known for- in time for Solstice.

    But, once the Poppy reaches this “Cabbage Stage”, it will go into ‘RAPID GROWTH‘.

    Especially if it’s getting at least a few hours of FULL SUN each day.

    That’s because the Sun beats down on all that Green Foliage, absorbing mass amounts of energy, then suddenly it’s like a Photo-Synthetic Explosion!!

  • Week 7


    Somniferum Poppy pre bloom Stage
    7 to 8 weeks

      Poppies can thrive in both Alkaline and Acidic soils. A good neutral ph will do. But Poppies suck up a LOT of Nutrients from the Soil.

      For quick release of Nutrients, I suggest using Water Soluble Organic fertilizers. Adding BLOOD MEAL to your soil, which is rich in Nitrogen, will promote ‘Green Growth’.  Then, for the Flowering Stage, a high Phosphorus fertilizer such as BAT or SEABIRD GUANO will work great since they’re water soluble, you can make tea or top dress. 

      For Long Lasting, Slow-Release Nutrients, use NON Water Soluble Fertilizers: Use Supplements such as Feather Meal & Bone Meal, instead. GREENSAND, will help loosen compacted soils and promote Root growth.

  • Week 8

    Pre-Bloom Begins

    • Longest Day of the Year
    Papaver Somniferum Poppies Pre-Bloom Stage
    Papaver Somniferum Poppies Pre-Bloom Stage

    Many people think that this is the actual “Pod” of the Poppy, but in fact, it is only the encasing that holds the flower (and pod) all inside just prior to blooming.
    They tend to create a “Gooseneck” effect at first, then they begin to erect upwards the day before they bloom.
    The actual Pod doesn’t come until later, after the Flower Petals fall (which only takes 24-48 hours)


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