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Part II |

Growing Papaver Somniferum Poppies

(Part 2 of 5):


Be sure to visit our Law Section for Answers on whether or not it’s LEGAL to Grow Somniferum Poppy Seeds in your Area.


Part one

     Some people prefer to start them indoors under lights, but be sure to start them in Peat Pellets, as poppies do not transplant well because they have very sensitive root systems and one very long Tap Root that can be damaged easily; killing the plant.

    But once they sprout, you should put down some Slug Bait. Slugs love to eat tender, young seedlings. I suggest using SLUGGO because the active ingredient is iron phosphate, which is completely harmless to pets and animals, and remains even after it rains.

  • Week 3

    Protect Sprouts Outdoors:

       Be sure to be aware of all the creatures that will ruin your poppy growing experience. Birds, for one, like to eat poppy seeds. So you may need protect against them.

    Poppy Sprout at 2 to 3 Weeks
    2 to 3 Weeks
  • Week 4

    <--Alternatives from Video

        I use Clear Plastic Cups and place them upside-down, to use as mini “greenhouses” until they out grow the cup – or, you can put up a net above the seeds until they sprout.

Using a Plastic Cup as a Mini Greenhouse for growing Poppies
Plastic Cup / Greenhouse Method


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